Shortener service to shorten urls with attractive style

Indcreate is a web -based URL shortener . The services we provide is very simple and easy to do by anyone. We will help shorten your url so memorable and unique again. In addition to shortening the url you can also increase revenue and traffic of your blog.
The way it works is very simple just need to shorten the url that you have here and then pass it on social media or blog.

Every visitor who open the link you will see the ads so you will get an additional revenue. If you do not want to earn extra income , you can also get traffic to your blog .
Get Short link
Get Optimize revenue
Get more traffic
To Get traffict or to get Optimize revenue you must have account.

How i can get traffic?

you will get more traffict to your blog using your short link. The short link will show your blog page before direct to destination link.

How i can Earn / Optimize revenue?

You will get revenue from your ads network. To optimize your revenue We will show your ads in your short link page, you will get more traffict and click to your ads netwrk. WE recomended you to use CPM network but not pop up/under ads network.
  • has plenty of viewing options.
  • can increase your blog traffict.
  • you can increase advertising revenue.
  • could increase the number of viewers of your video.
  • and certainly very easy and simple.

To get the maximum benefits you must create an account here.